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Advantages of an Education at Lubbock Christian School


Lubbock Christian School strives to maintain the highest academic standards. It is our desire to challenge each student to achieve maximum potential in every area of learning. Standardized tests indicate that the achievement level is comparatively high. The school is fully accredited by AdvanceEd/SACS, the National Christian School Association. The N.C.S.A. is fully approved and recognized by the T.E.A. Lubbock Christian School was the first school accredited by the state organization when the state of Texas turned accreditation procedures of private Christian schools over to that group.

Lubbock Christian School seeks to provide a God-centered, Bible-centered Christian education by the following:

  • Christian teachers in every class.
  • Non-denominational Bible classes and chapel assemblies each day.
  • All subjects (such as science, history, literature, etc.) taught from a Biblical perspective.
  • Bible-based values taught in order that students may know right from wrong, be honest and kind, be morally good and know that abstinence is the answer to teenage sex and drug abuse. God’s word holds the answers for developing character in our children and by law, public schools cannot refer to the Bible as the answer.

Another priority is providing a quality academic program.

  • Lubbock Christian School offers the Advanced Honors diploma recommended by the Texas Education Agency for college-bound students. Each year more than 95% of LCS graduates go on to higher education or professional careers.  Also, each year the graduating seniors score high on the ACT. The average on the ACT Composite the past few years has been 23 which is higher than the Texas average of approximately 20.8.
  • Individual attention and high teacher-student interaction is possible in small classes. Student-teacher ratios vary according to grade level and all classes are very small.
  • Seniors at Lubbock Christian High School earn an average of 12-16 semester hours of college credit. Under a cooperative program with Lubbock Christian University, senior high school students can take one, two or three college courses each semester which will count for high school and college credit.
  • Nearly half of the teachers at LCS have at least a Master’s Degree in Education and currently average over 17 years of experience.
  • Rankings from the Stanford 10 Achievement Test place LCS above the students in the national norm group.

Lubbock Christian School works with parents to complement strong homes and local church programs which provide a stable foundation for students today.

  • Positive peer pressure at LCS provides a positive influence in students’ lives.
  • LCS is a traditional school system, with faculty members assuming active and positive roles in their students’ lives. Students are expected to respect the authority of all school personnel, as well as the authority from their homes, and community. Defiant attitudes or abusive behavior regarding alcohol, drugs, tobacco or sexual promiscuity will lead to dismissal.
  • LCS junior high and high school students are encouraged to actively participate in several school organizations.  Because of the size of the school, many students can develop their leadership potential through the many extracurricular organizations. Students are not excluded from sports teams or other clubs due to numbers alone.



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