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Spiritual Life


Lubbock Christian School's educational philosophy grows out of its understanding of the Christian faith. We believe that the underlying source, goal, and direction of everything is the One revealed in the Bible as the Creator, Governor, and Redeemer of the universe. We believe that all reality is dependent upon this One and is intended to reflect his goodness and glory.

We believe that God has disclosed himself and his intentions through the revelation of his Son, Jesus Christ. Sin, however, has distorted man's view of God, of creation, of himself, and of his fellow man. Consequently, we believe that true education is an ongoing process whereby we are led to better understand ourselves and the world. This is leading us to ultimately comprehend it as God's world. Further, because God has created us as persons in community, we believe that true education involves learning to live together with all persons as the family of God. It is our understanding that all truth, properly understood, is God's truth and should be pursued and celebrated as such. Thus, those who are charged by parents to participate in the education of their children must integrate biblical faith with all disciplines in order to help the student view himself and his world through the eyes of faith. Teachers must exemplify this faith personally because Christian education has as much to do with character and conduct as it does with data and facts. It includes the development of dispositions, attitudes, and conduct that reflect faith and trust in the Creator and Redeemer of the universe.

The programs at Lubbock Christian School rest on the following basic assumptions:

  • That every student is an individual created in the image of God, with individual responsibilities in this life and individual hope for the life to come.
  • That students should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential in all areas of learning at the rate that is best suited to their own abilities.
  • That the teachings of Christ are essential to the development of the whole person, and that individuals in every station of life are better qualified to serve meaningfully if they are truly Christian in their thoughts and actions.
  • That Christian education is of inestimable value and should be made available to all.
  • The principle objective of LCS is to offer a high quality educational program in a Christian environment.
  • To inspire in our students those Christian qualities which will teach them not only how to make a living, but also how to live fully and freely.
  • Permeate the eager spirit of youth with the high energies of Christian faith.
  • Stimulate in our students an intellectual capacity motivated not by materialism but by love of God and their fellow man.
  • Develop in our youth a fusion of love and knowledge which is the basis of strong Christian character.

This objective can be best achieved in an environment where every teacher is a faithful Christian. Every subject is taught from a Christian viewpoint. A large majority of the students are from Christian families. Daily Bible classes are required of all students and daily periods of worship are an integral part of the program. Special emphasis is placed on training for service.

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