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Bible Curriculum


Bible instruction is the most important class in the daily curriculum. It is the goal of each teacher to teach God's principles by word as well as example.  Each student is required to complete a Bible class for credit every semester. The Bible is taught as part of the regular academic program in all grades, serving as the text for each class. Workbooks and various visual aids are also used to reinforce the Bible lessons.


Bible Curriculum by Grade Level



  • Study the heroes of the Old Testament and learn how God used them and had a plan for their lives
  • Learn how the early Bible characters trusted God and were obedient to Him


  • Develop a love for God as our Creator and Father and for Jesus as our friend and Savior
  • The rewards of obedience and the consequences of disobedience
  • Study the life of Christ and His love for all mankind

First Grade

  • Show God's plan and how He has worked it out in men's lives from the beginning
  • Show how each event in the Bible points toward Christ
  • Encourage memorizing verses
  • Establish time for God each day with daily reading assignments

Second Grade

  • Study important character traits shown by men and women from the Old and New Testaments
  • Learn about self-discipline, responsibility, faith, honesty, unselfishness, humility, kindness, etc.

Third Grade

  • Study lives and times of Joshua and the judges
  • Study the birth and life of Jesus in relation to the Roman Empire emphasizing His miracles
  • See how role models relate to the history of that era

Fourth Grade

  • Study the history of Israel with a focus on King Saul, King David and King Solomon as recorded in I & II Samuel and I Kings
  • Make applications to current times

Fifth Grade

  • Study the life of Christ - from birth to his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension
  • In-depth study focusing on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Sixth Grade

  • Survey of the Bible focusing on the big story: God's creation of the universe and us, our rebellion, Jesus as the answer to our separation from God, how to live in response to the grace God has provided.

Junior High

  • Classes are divided into boys' and girls' classes
  • Practical applications and issues young teenagers face
  • Emphasis placed on developing good self-concepts

High School

  • Introduce and instruct students in every book of the Bible
  • Help students apply God's Word to their lives
  • Stimulate life-long service to the Lord
  • Develop life-long biblical study habits
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