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BJU Press Language ARTS

The Gift of Language

Language is the primary way God reveals himself to us, and it is the method He has given to us for communication. Developing writing skills and learning the proper use of English grammar are vital to effective communication. In this program, grammar and writing instruction are alternated and balanced.

Relevant Application

BJU Press English 2-6 teaches one part of speech at a time with systematic reviews and ample practice opportunities. Students are guided through a five-step writing process as they create reports, stories, descriptions, poems, letters, and essays. Chapter themes, such as agriculture, sports, science, and travel, enhance learning by linking the grammar topics with real-life information.

Click here to view the BJU Press Scope and Sequence of 1st-6th  Grade English

Click here to view the BJU Press Scope and Sequence of 1st - 6th Grade Reading. We currently do not use this curriculum in our 5th and 6th grade classes.  5th and 6th grade reading consists of novel studies at this time.