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We are frequently asked what the most pressing needs of Lubbock Christian School are. This wish list was created to provide a description of many of the needs of the school, both great and small, and to provide our stakeholders with the opportunity to help.  Every gift, whatever the size, truly makes a difference.

Click the wish list logo if you would like to make a donation towards the purchase of one of the items listed below.


**All gifts designated for specific areas will be applied to those areas to the greatest extent possible. Should Lubbock Christian School receive more contributions for a given area than can wisely be applied to that project, the donor will be notified.


Standing firm in the truth of God's Word and living a life marked by the fruits of the Spirit is one of the key pillars in our graduate profile. Our hope is to equip our students with a spiritual foundation that leads them to lives centered in Christ and filled with the desire to share the gospel with others.

We believe mission trips play a crucial role in the lives of our youth, and we continue to believe every LCS student should experience a mission trip. The energy, authenticity, fresh perspective, and passion teenagers bring are a vibrant part of a missions experience. Done well, mission trips help students take ownership and initiative. Eyes are opened. Passions are ignited. Possibilities are exposed. Pursuits begin. Mission trips help teenagers see what they are capable of.

Your gift will help provide a life-changing, Christ-centered mission experience and enable our students to understand how they can use the knowledge and skills gained at LCS to change the world!

$250 Suggested Contribution / $2,000 Cost for a junior or senior student to attend the international trip

Grants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are countless reasons why a student would have to apply for financial assistance in order to attend school.  For many families, receiving grant assistance is a key component in their ability to provide a quality Christian education for their children. Your gift to the LCS Grant Fund truly is a gift that directly impacts the life of a child and provides an opportunity for them to receive their education in a Christ-centered environment.

Each year, Lubbock Christian School welcomes potential new students to its campus.  The increasing costs of private education, however, makes it more and more challenging for families to afford the Christian educational experience. For this reason, LCS has a strong desire to provide grant opportunities to those who need assistance. With your help, we can make a child's dream of attending LCS become a reality.

$500 Suggested Contribution

As part of our graduate profile, Lubbock Christian School strives to equip our students with leadership skills that will enable them to interact with honesty, integrity, empathy, and humility — placing God at the center of all relationships. We witness daily a desire by our students to be leaders within their school and in personal lives. This creates a positive environment for our student body and allows for the development of skills that will prepare our students for success in school, college, and life.

In an effort to provide support to our student leaders, an opportunity is provided to the incoming senior class officers to attend the Presidential Leadership Institute in York, Nebraska each summer. The Presidential Leadership Institute is a leadership development program hosted on the campus of York College. The program is designed for high potential students in grades 10-12. Through the Institute, students from throughout American are provided an opportunity to interact with nationally recognized leaders, while participating in a world-class, team-building experience with their classmates.

$200 Cost of one student's attendance

Lubbock Christian School has the responsibility to prepare our students academically for continuing education, and for the roles that God has planned for their lives. Presenting class materials from a biblical worldview perspective is at the core of who we are.  Biblical integration is not an afterthought or simply an addition to lesson plans. It is an essential component of our educational philosophy that provides critical thinking development and academic rigor for our students.

In order to properly integrate a biblical worldview perspective into our classrooms, it is imperative that the textbooks used for learning clearly display this principle. Your gift will help us provide the necessary resources our faculty and students need to assist in creating an environment of learning the way God intended.

$1,600 Secondary class set of 25 textbooks plus teacher set

$1,100 Elementary class set of 36 textbooks plus teacher set

Technology is woven into just about every aspect of our lives.  It is how we work, play, learn, communicate, shop, share information, and so on. So, the importance of integrating technology in the classroom just makes sense. Technology in the classroom is changing the experience of education. It is changing the way children learn, educators teach, and how teachers and students communicate with one another.

LCS has the opportunity to integrate mobile devices like the iPad in the classroom to open up a whole new world of engagement, personalized learning, and collaboration in the classroom.

Your gift will allow for the use of technology in the classroom which is vital to preparing our students for their future. Devices like these will be used throughout college and in their future careers; therefore, utilizing this technology in the classroom is just one more way teachers are preparing students for their future.

$300 Cost of one device

$10,800 Elementary classroom set of 36

$7,500 Secondary classroom set of 25

Education is a life-long process. It does not stop after earning a degree and beginning a career. Through continuing education and professional development, our faculty and administration are continually improving their skills and becoming more proficient in their jobs. This opportunity not only ensures the best learning experience for our students but also provides for the continued growth of our personnel.

Your gift will enable Lubbock Christian School to purposefully invest in our staff and to provide them with the resources necessary to work toward excellence and enhancing the classroom experience of our students.

$150 Average cost of a professional training for an administrator or faculty member

One of the newest programs introduced at Lubbock Christian School is robotics. Robotics is a fun way to bring STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to life by providing fun hands-on learning that prepares students for the future in a way that feels more like creativity and less like homework.

Robots have always been a captivating piece of technology: programmable, noisy, flashy, and direction-based. There is nothing quite as fun — and educational — as building one's own robot and setting it through the paces of the race, an activity, or a challenge.

Programming and other STEM concepts can seem very abstract, especially to younger students. Reading about technology or robotics in a book is perhaps the traditional way to learn, but putting that theory into practice by building and controlling a robot is hands-on learning that sticks around for the future. It also takes teamwork to make a robotics project run smoothly, and that's a skill everyone needs.

As students improve robotics and programming, they learn determination, perseverance, and how to plan and process with technology.  These are skills that will further their education and their future career prospects.

With this being the inaugural year of our robotics program, we need additional supplies to create a robust robotics experience for our students.  Below is a list of the urgent needs we have for this program along with their costs.

* VD Classroom Super Kits - $1,200 each (x2)

* First Communication Kit - $249 each (2)

* First Electronics Module - $129 each (x2)

* REV First Tech Challenge Competition Set - $444 each (2)

* REC Kit Add-ons - $400 each (x1)

* First Tech Challenge Field Perimeter Kit - $618 each (x1)

* Skystone - $450 each (x1)

* Dremel Digi Lab - $1,799 each (x1)

* Dremel Filament - $30 each (x1)

* Misc Tools - $200 each (x1)

* Vex Robotics Utility Rack - $499 each (x1)

* Panel Bin - $115 each (x2)

* Smith System Cascade - $1,495 each (x1)

* First Lego ev3 Kit - $496 each (x2)

* Lego Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set 45300 - $198 each (x6)

* Lego Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 - $160 each (x8)


Our maintenance and facilities team works tirelessly to keep our campus safe and clean for our students, faculty, staff, and guests.  The items listed below would make their tasks a little easier and would allow for increased productivity by reducing the hours of manual labor currently required.

* Carpet cleaner for ELC special carpet - $3,000

* Air compressor - $850

* Pallet racks - $1,000

* Industrial duty lawn vacuum - $1,950

* Backhoe attachment - $13,000

Lubbock Christian School hosts a variety of events on our campus throughout the year.  From Grandparents' Day and Fall Festival to science fairs and team meals - there is always a need for tables.

Our current supply is beginning to show wear and tear.  Several have broken pieces and many are stained from years of usage. Ideally, we would benefit from two sets of tables in order to meet the needs of our students, faculty, and staff activities. The storage dolly would provide a convenience in transport that is not currently available.

$2,200 Set of 21 with cart included

The Lubbock Christian Band program is one of the earliest programs started at LCS. The program has a tradition of success and has achieved the honor of State Champions in TAPPS numerous times.  Our program is based on developing young musicians to make great music, enjoy music, and understand the importance of music in our society. Our students are grateful for their physical talents and abilities and recognize that those are gifts from God.

Your gift in support of the Lubbock Christian Band will keep the spirit alive by helping to purchase new instruments and equipment for use in the program.

* Conn 7D Double French Horn - $3,529

* Jupiter JTU111o Concert Tuba with Case - $6,539

* Adams MAHF46 4.6 Octave Artist Marimba - $13,555

* Adams XCHV40 4 Octave Concert Xylophone - $4,037

* Adams GCV33 3.3 Octave Concert Orchestra Bells - $3,667

* Adams VCGV30M/VCSV30M 3 Octave Vibraphone with Voyager Frame - $4,409

* Fox 41 Renard Bassoon - $5,143

* Yamaha YBL421G Intermediate Sgl Rotor Bass Trombone - $3,222