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lcs board access policy

In order to establish open communication with the LCS Board of Trustees while protecting the benefits of being a private school and the interests of Lubbock Christian School, the process outlined below is established for anyone wishing to address the LCS Board of Trustees.

1. The date, time, and location of the next regularly scheduled Board meeting will be posted on the LCS website no less than two weeks prior the start of the meeting.

2. Anyone wishing to address the Board will be required to complete and return a request form to the President’s office no later than 5:00 PM on the Friday (or the last scheduled workday if Friday is a holiday) preceding the regularly scheduled Board meeting. This form will be available in the President’s office during normal office hours of 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. The following information will be required on each form:

*Name and signature of the person who will address the Board – by signing, the presenter agrees to all the stipulations as outlined in school policy
*Subject to be addressed and description of the circumstances leading to the desire for appeal
*The names of school personnel that have been contacted regarding this issue prior to the appeal
*Mailing address and telephone number
*If applicable, the name of the organization the person is representing.
*A clear and specific proposed resolution to the issue. (This resolution would represent the action being requested of the school board)

3. Opportunities to present at any regularly scheduled Board meeting will be available on a first come, first-served basis through the request form process described above.

4. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees and/or his/her designee and the School President will review each form submitted within 3 days of receipt of the request. All who have submitted forms will be notified within 24 hours of the start of the scheduled Board meeting if the Board has approved their request. Only those who have completed the form within the required time stated above will be considered.The School President will be present at all appeals to the School Board.  The School President and or any trustee may request that the appeal be briefly suspended and moved into closed session at any time during the appeal.

5. At the beginning of each regularly scheduled Board meeting, the Board will schedule a maximum of 30 minutes for those wishing to address the LCS Board. A maximum of five presenters will be scheduled at any one Board meeting. No single presenter may relinquish time to another. The order of presenters will be determined by the chairperson (or designee) of that meeting. Following the conclusion of the last presentation, all visitors will be dismissed. Five (5) minutes after the scheduled start time of the meeting, if no presenter has arrived, the meeting room doors will be closed and the Board will begin the regularly scheduled meeting. Any presenter arriving after the doors have been closed will not be permitted to address the Board and may reapply for the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

6. During the appeal, the LCS Board will not comment nor determine an action on anything presented to the Board; however, time permitting the Board may ask follow-up questions. Within thirty days of the meeting, the Board will send a letter to each presenter stating the position and/or recommendation of the Board.

7. This process is not intended to replace nor circumvent any established process for conflict or problem resolution. The LCS Board recommends following the Problem Resolution process as documented in the LCS Student Handbook (under Administrative Policies) prior to addressing the Board for any issue involving conflict.

8. The LCS Board of Trustees reserves the right to refuse to hear any presenter for reasons such as, but not limited to – previous presentations, issues/concerns being clearly documented in the Student Handbook, any topic/subject deemed inappropriate for a public hearing, requirements/policies deemed necessary for safety, etc. (Revised 7/30/18)