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Lubbock Christian School COVID-19 Re-Entry Plan
Revised 8.27.2020

In this time of confusion and uncertainty, it is human nature to become fearful. I am reminded of several scriptures in which our Heavenly Father reminds us of his sovereignty and love for us. Proverbs 3:5-6 says ”5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. 6 Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take”. Philippians 4:19 says “19 And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”  I want to reassure everyone that your LCS faculty, staff, administration, and Board of Trustees are seeking God’s wisdom with confidence in His provisions in every decision we make.  He tells us to fear not for He is with us.  The pandemic will pass.  We will do our best to bring Glory to God in the manner with which we navigate this storm. ~ Tye Rogers, LCS President

Helpful Links:
  • All on-campus visits are being postponed
  • Current LCS families are receiving detailed and frequent communication via email
  • For more information, please email

E-Mail Updates from Administration

Dear LCS Families,

I wanted to communicate briefly regarding Governor Abbott's address today. Where schools are concerned the following orders have been issued:

1. All schools (including private) will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. 

2. Teachers will be allowed into the classrooms for planning and lesson preparation purposes but will be expected to practice social distancing. 

3. The Texas Education Agency will be providing public schools with recommendations and regulations for graduation ceremonies.  We will pay attention to these guidelines when making a final decision about our own graduation ceremonies as well as other functions that would normally require large groups to gather. 

I want to encourage everyone to continue practicing diligence with the online/distance learning and to continue to practice social distancing and other recommended health and safety practices. We are saddened by the news that we will not be resuming on-campus school this year and want to emphasize how much we miss our students. I am also aware that this is an additional burden on many of our families and want to reiterate that we are here to help in any way we can.  Please contact teachers, staff, and or administration with any questions and issues you are experiencing during this period of distance learning. 

This order comes as no surprise, and we have been busy preparing for this scenario.  We will continue to plan and act in shrewd and God honoring ways during this pandemic. 

We are praying daily for our families and are asking for safety, peace, and joy during this time.  God bless you all. 


Tye Rogers

President of Lubbock Christian School


Hello LCS Families,

I pray that you are all healthy and full of joy and peace during these strange and challenging times.  My desire is not to bombard you with emails, but I wanted to check in and to share a couple of things with you.

First, I want to say publicly that i am so grateful for our teachers and staff who have worked so hard to get our online and distance learning up and running.  I have received such wonderful feedback and wanted to pass this on to you regarding our LCS faculty and staff. We want to remind you to contact us with any issues that you are having related to your student's learning. We know there will be some obstacles to overcome and your feedback is necessary and welcomed. 

Second, I want to remind you that nutrition is vital these days.  Eating the right foods and continuing to exercise is very important for your families.  The link bellow is to a YouTube video (from juice plus) about how to eat for boosted immune systems and for optimum health.  I would also recommend a video called “Forks over Knives” that can be viewed on Netflix.  Very compelling.

We love and miss your kids and pray that all is well with you.  God bless and be safe.

Dear LCS Stakeholders - 

We wanted to take a moment to provide you with a link to the Lubbock Christian School Covid-19 Response Plan.  This document outlines the steps being taken by Lubbock Christian School as we maneuver through the current Covid-19 pandemic.  We encourage you to continue to use the school website as a resource as well as the email address for any questions or concerns you may have.

Praying blessings and good health over you all!

Kristin Hagins

Good morning parents!

I hope your first day of online learning is going great and that you are all staying well. Please know everyone at LCS thinks of you daily and is still here to help you. We are just an email away!

I have been asked to share the Online Proctor Form that we are asking all families to complete. This is a very quick and easy process by following the instructions listed below. Please note that this form must be complete before April 1st and that it must be complete before any LCS test is proctored from home. 

LCS Proctor Form Instructions:

* Log in to Parents Web

* School > Surveys > Proctor Form

* Submit

You will be asked to acknowledge, date, and sign (be sure to click submit)

Only one survey form per family is required to be submitted

I also wanted to take a moment to remind you that you can find all the information to date here on our website. You will also find a new video message from Mr. Rogers to elementary and secondary students on this page. We hope that you will all take a moment to watch this message made for your family.

As always let us know how we can help and remember the email is for any COVID-19 questions you may have.

Thank you!



Please take a moment to visit our website for an updated message from President Rogers as we begin to embark on our distance learning program. There is a specific message for our elementary students as well as a separate message directed towards our secondary students.

We hope everyone is staying healthy and that you know your administrative team is in constant prayer over you.

Good afternoon LCS families,

This email will be very informative and therefore beneficial to keep available and/or download the pdf files located at the bottom of this page to your desktop.  This information will also be available on the LCS website.

We have attached the following:

* LCS – LMS Renweb student/family instructions and navigation

* Pick-up Plan for student materials needed

* How to download Microsoft Office for those of you that need at home (through our licensing, LCS can provide each family to download one license)  

The best way to learn (as our faculty has found out) is to go ahead and try to become familiar with LMS option on Renweb.  We will officially start school on March 30thremotely through LMS Renweb.

Once again if you have any general LCS questions, please refer to LCS website.  Your Faculty and Staff have been working diligently to provide the best opportunities for student learning during this unprecedented time.  We ask that you continue to pray for the health of LCS, students and families, and faculty and staff, and for us all to have wisdom, patience, and perseverance during this time.

God Bless,

LCS Administration

Dear LCS Families,

We had a great day of small group (while practicing social distancing) training to enhance our online learning program. We have a strong plan in place and are developing lessons this week.  We plan to be ready for all students to access lessons beginning Monday, March 30.  An email from the principals (Jerry Lawrence - Secondary and Mark Breaux - Elementary) will be sent Wednesday the 25th detailing how parents/students can access these online lessons. Teachers will be communicating with families this week, and we are excited to continue providing excellent lessons for our students.   

Your feedback will be crucial over the next few weeks as we all navigate the new fully online approach to instruction.  Please let us know how instruction is going in your household.  Our teachers and principals will be available via email. We will have personnel manning the phones from 10:00am - 2:00pm on Monday through Thursday until further notice.  We have the email address for questions regarding COVID-19 as well at  

We continue to be concerned about our families health and safety as well as financial well-being. These are strange times and the pandemic will certainly impact us in many ways immediately and in the near future.  We are reminded today of how precious family time is, how often we take for granted the blessings of living in a free and wealthy society, and the blessing of school. 

I encourage us all to remember that God is always good, He is always in control, and He can make blessing from the worst evil imaginable. It is time for deep and abiding faith in him.

God bless you all.  More information to come soon.

Dear LCS Families,

As most of you know the Governor has mandated that all Texas schools remain closed until April 3rd. Things are changing rapidly and there is no guarantee that we will resume physical attendance after the 3rd. We will keep you updated on LCS's response to new developments. I would like to reiterate that your faculty, staff, and administration has been working at a fever pace to gear up for online instruction. Plans are being developed for students/families to get any materials/textbooks/notebooks from the school near the end of the week of March 23 — 27th if it is deemed necessary. We plan to have lessons available to students beginning March 30. Also, Secondary Faculty/Administration will work very closely with HS students to ensure credits are acquired and special attention to seniors will be given to ensure completion of graduation requirements.

Detailed instructions on how to access lessons and other educational programs/resources will be provided next week. We are determined to provide in excellent ways for your students. We are approaching this challenge as an opportunity for us to provide a new way of learning for our students. Your feedback will be very important for us as we move through this new online approach. Please communicate with your teachers and administrators via email.  Also, don't forget the email address that we set up to field COVID-19 questions ( 

Please note that the school phones will be available, as long as a strict quarantine is not mandated, every Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  If you need to speak with someone directly you may call during those times. Next week we will finalize a COVID-19 Response Plan that contains valuable information for stakeholders regarding all the ways in which LCS is responding to the considerable challenge that this pandemic has presented. We hope that this plan will serve as a valuable resource for you as we move through school in coming months. 

We also plan to contact every family directly by phone in order to answer questions and discuss individual student needs prior to March 30.

Now is the time for cool heads and a faithful approach. We will trust in our heavenly Father and continue to do everything we can to ensure the safety as well as the cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of our students. Please continue praying for all those affected by COVID-19 and for Lubbock Christian School.

May God bless you all.

Dear LCS Family,

As COVID-19 continues to gain momentum in many communities and Lubbock has had its first confirmed case, the LCS faculty, staff, and administration is determined to respond appropriately and thoughtfully, and to continue providing quality academic services for our students. 

The LCS Board of Trustees has granted approval for LCS to extend spring break through March 27. At present, we plan to resume classes on Monday, March 30, but this is certainly subject to change and will be considered daily until that time. This is in line with what the 3 large school districts are doing as well as most other schools in the area. Extending spring break will allow our faculty and staff to have the necessary time to design and implement a plan for distance learning. Our desire is to resume school for our families to the degree that it is safe and wise to do so. Regardless, we are busy this week and next preparing to transition to a remote learning format at all grade levels.

We are continuing work on a COVID-19 Response Plan that will outline the measures being taken by LCS.  When complete, we will include this plan on our website so stakeholders will have access to it and so that it can be revised routinely to meet the demands of the ever-changing dynamic that COVID-19 presents.

As of today, all extra-curricular activities have been cancelled.  This includes practices as well as "Dead Week Protocol" is in place. We are also exploring ways to eliminate large group meetings in the future. We will follow TAAPS recommendations and mandates for decisions regarding future extra-curricular programs.

It is crucial that we all continue to adhere to recommended safe practices and preventative measures to limit the spread of COVID-19.  Certainly, anyone who exhibits the symptoms of COVID-19 (coughing, fever, difficulty breathing) should consult a physician immediately.  Individuals who are sick should stay home.  

We are also urging families to follow CDC guidelines regarding domestic and international travel. We have been in contact with the City of Lubbock Health Department and have established strong lines of communication with them.   

Thank you for your continued patience and support as we navigate this unprecedented global event. Please continue praying for God’s sovereign intervention and bountiful provision. 

Dear LCS Families,

This email is to provide information regarding Lubbock Christian School's response to the growing threat of COVID-19.  I am using a bulleted format due to the amount of information included in the email.  Please know that we are attacking this problem with a prayerful and intentional approach. Our desire is to communicate well and to provide the best possible way that we can for our students and families.  

1. LCS will be extending Spring Break through the 24th of March.  School will resume on March 25th.  (THIS COULD CHANGE AT ANY MOMENT.  WE WILL FOLLOW STATE AND FEDERAL MANDATES AS THEY ARE COMMUNICATED)

2. The email address has been set up for stakeholders to use for questions regarding covid-19. Please feel free to email any questions you may have regarding the school's response to COVID-19.

3. The faculty and staff of LCS are meeting this week and are creating written plans for the following areas that will be shared as soon as they are finalized: Communication, Instruction (In case of school closing), Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities, Campus wide cleaning and disinfecting, Campus-wide safety measures and COVID-19 prevention, Visitor Protocol, and Guidance counseling for 12th graders.

4. We are preparing for cancellations of school functions involving large groups as well as those that involve travel.  We will be communicating this to you as decisions are made.  

5. If your students are sick please keep them at home. (Faculty will follow the same practice).

6. If anyone in your family is confirmed to have COVID-19 please contact us immediately.

7. Continue to monitor the developments regarding COVID-19.  We will be providing a list of valuable resources in order to help you stay abreast of the most recent information.

8. We will be manipulating areas of our daily schedule to minimize large gatherings such as lunch, chapel, etc.  We will be providing details soon.

Your prayers for God's wisdom in navigating the demands brought on by this pandemic are greatly appreciated. We will proceed with great effort and confidence. We will make decisions based on factual information and will continue to hold the well-being of our students and families as the highest priority.  

May God bless you with good health and peace during this time.


Dear LCS Stakeholders,

Let me apologize in advance for the formatting of this message. We are still traveling with the Costa Rica missions team and doing our best to communicate with you through smartphones.

This email is for the purpose of continuing communication regarding COVID-19. The LCS administrative team is closely monitoring a wide variety of sources in order to make informed and timely decisions for the safety of our students.

For the time being, LCS will mirror the Lubbock ISD, Lubbock Cooper ISD, and Frenship ISD decision to remain open after spring break. Currently, we plan to resume school on Monday, March 23rd. We will plan to comply with the TAPPS report that was published today that suspends extra-curricular activities through April 12th. We will communicate details about how this will affect all extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in the short term and long term as we receive more clarification.

We encourage you to continue monitoring developments on your own. (see links below). We also encourage you to continue taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We are intensifying our efforts to deep clean and disinfect the school during spring break. We will be working on a plan to provide for our students academic needs in the event that it becomes necessary to suspend or close school. We are considering all facts thoughtfully and prayerfully and will communicate developments as soon as possible. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Tye Rogers

Dear Parents,

The intent of this letter is to inform the Lubbock Christian School community of current measures that are being taken regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The LCS administrative team has been in daily prayer and meetings to discuss the potential affects of COVID-19 on our students and community. We hope that you find the details in this letter informative however, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school. We will do our best to answer any questions you have.

Based on our current information from a multitude of sources including medical personnel, the absence of reported cases of the virus or very low level threats in areas that we are traveling to, and after careful deliberation by the LCS administrative team, we have decided to continue as planned for all school sponsored student travel. We are continuing to monitor daily and may determine that we need to modify our plans.

Travel would be canceled immediately if any destinations met one or more of the following criteria due to COVID-19:

1. A level 3 warning was issued by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

2. A Level 3 Travel Advisory (or higher) was issued by the State Department.

3. In areas of active transmission depending upon the program’s distance from the area of active transmission and the ability to manage risk to an acceptable level.

Although we believe it is safe at this time to travel both for missions and other school sponsored events that require student travel, LCS WILL WORK WITH ANY PARENT WHO FEELS STRONGLY THAT IT IS UNSAFE FOR THEIR CHILD TO TRAVEL. We will not be able to refund money invested by individual families since trips have already been paid for (mission’s trips). We also are requesting that you let us know immediately if your student will not be participating in their originally appointed mission trip. This will allow us time to provide alternative plans for your student and will help alleviate the possibility of a group waiting on your student for departure. In addition, we need to account for all students who are currently scheduled for a school sponsored trip.

We strongly encourage you to follow updates by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the U.S. State Department. Also, please continue to follow hygiene and prevention procedures. All LCS students and families are being strongly encouraged to adhere to the following procedures to prevent contracting COVID-19:

1. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Stay home when you are sick.

4. Cover your cough or sneeze and sanitize or dispose of contaminated material. March 6, 2020

5. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe.

6. The CDC recommends that only those infected by COVID-19 wear a facemask to prevent the spread of the virus. It is not recommended for those not infected.

7. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the restroom; before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.

The Lubbock Christian School custodial team has intensified its cleaning and disinfecting efforts over the past couple of weeks. They will also be executing a campus wide deep cleaning and disinfecting of the high traffic and common areas on campus the Thursday and Friday of Spring Break (March 19-20). Part of that process will include the use of a mystifying machine to disinfect all surfaces in the high traffic areas such as classrooms and offices thoroughly, as well as the purchase and mounting of additional hand sanitizer dispensers throughout campus.

One last piece of crucial information we would like to include is that plans are being made in preparation for the remote possibility of local school closings due to COVID-19. The LCS administrative team and faculty have met and discussed methods that we would use to equip all students to complete coursework for the remaining days of school should we need to close prior to May 23rd .

While new strains of disease such as this can be scary, we can partner with parents to help minimize the spread by taking simple but necessary precautions. The well-being of your students is our highest priority. Again, please let us know if you need further information and updates. Thank you for your support of Lubbock Christian School and God bless.


Tye Rogers

President of Lubbock Christian School