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one act play (OAP)

One Act Play (OAP) begins early in the fall semester. To successfully produce a play, we need light and sound crews, set builders, costume and makeup specialists, prop people, and a stage manager—almost forgot—we also need actors and actresses. OAP practice typically takes place in the evening and on weekends, and we try to work around other LCS commitments.

In 2018, we performed “The Great Pandemonium” by Pat Cook. This comedy traces the antics of high school students at a tech rehearsal and the subsequent breakdown of their Shakespeare-quoting director, Mr. Nusthorp. To make matters worse for the stressed-out director, the principal of the school shows up to the rehearsal. As one might imagine, if it could go wrong, it does go wrong in this rehearsal.

LCS performed the play at two competitions: TAPPS and the Texas Christian Schools Interscholastic Tournament (TCSIT). The performance at TAPPS in 2018 garnered All-Star Crew honors for Bryanna Waide, who was stage manager for the production. Coleman Mitchell was awarded All-Star Cast at both TAPPS and TCSIT for his portrayal of Jarred Nusthorp. Grant Leverett earned All-Star Cast honors at TAPPS for his depiction of Oz, and Timothy Brown and Miranda Perlmutter earned Honorable Mention Cast honors for their performances, too.

The 2019 season will begin with a casting call open to all 9-12 graders in early September. If you have any questions regarding OAP or are interested in performing with this group, please contact Ms. Whiting at