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Lubbock Christian School is dedicated to helping students prepare for college. There are many aspects of preparing for college other than successfully graduating from high school. These include, but are not limited to, selecting and applying to college, paying for college, standardized testing for admissions, obtaining scholarships, and career exploration.


  • Information about college admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and careers.

  • Find colleges, pay for college and make a plan.

  • A one-stop, no-cost college and career planning resource site for all Texas secondary students, parents and educators.

  • Explore careers, prepare for college, pay for college and manage your money.

  • This unique website has links for college success steps for 9th – 12th grade students – interest inventories, preparing for college, choosing a college, paying for college and much more.

  • The smart student guide to financial aid.

  • Explore careers, search colleges and scholarships, financial aid information and much more.

  • Information on college recruiment guidelines.

  • Information on college recruitment guidelines.

  • Explore a variety of scholarship opportunities available.

  • Explore opportunities available within the Selective Service System of the United States government.

  • Online registration for the ACT and much more information about preparing for college and careers. Be sure to include our school code when registering: 444-349

  • Online registration for the SAT. Be sure to include our school code when registering: 444-349