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Dear LCS Families,

While the administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated to implementing a one to one ration of computers to students in our class rooms, we also recognize that the additional cost of purchasing a computer for your child/children is a potential burden to many families. We have worked hard to provide affordable alternatives. We also encourage students to use devices that they currently have if possible. We have pushed the deadline forward for all students to have devices to January 5th in hopes that it will give families more time to plan.

Please let us know if none of the options provided will work for you. We will do all we can to help find solutions. Thank you for supporting our efforts to provide a more rigorous and college preparatory model of instruction.

Special Note: Throughout the nation, there has been an overwhelming demand for mainstream laptops, especially in the $200-$600 range.   Please be aware that it has been difficult to provide up-to-date inventory information for student computer purchases, and shipping dates are oftentimes well into the future. 



-Windows 10 (This is our preferred operating system, but we are aware that some families will have Apple or Chromebook.)

-8GB RAM (Students could get by with 4GB RAM, but the machine will run slower.)

-All tablets will need a keyboard.

-Antivirus (see details below)

-256 GB storage

Students may purchase computers on their own or use any of the following information for discounted pricing.  Financing options through Dell or HP are available and can be discussed with their representative. 


If you find something that you like on HP, email Greg Schreiner, HP Business Account Manager, or call him at 1-866-625-3581.   He can give you the HP employee discount and possibly an even better price.


Call Dell’s K-12 sales line at 888-693-9448 and give them member ID: 530017979599.  You can order anything on Dell’s website from them, and if interested, they can provide financing information. 

As an alternative to calling them, you can receive a 10% off coupon by going to:  When prompted for the registration code instructions, enter Dell10.


All student computers are required to have antivirus installed.  Options are as follows:

-Sophos is a free option -

-If you already have antivirus installed on a home computer, check to see if you can install it on multiple devices.

-You can purchase your own, such as McAfee or Norton.


Students do not need to purchase Microsoft Office.  It can be downloaded through the school.  Information can be found here:  


Chromebooks can be used, but it will be a bit more challenging for students.  They have limited storage capacity and are dependent on cloud storage.  If internet connection is unavailable or limited, files are not accessible.   Chromebooks will not allow for installation of Office 365.  Students will need to download an app to access Office and know how to use it. 


We already have a laptop for our child.  Do we need to order another one? No, you can use the device you already have.

Do we have to order from Dell or HP? No, LCS is just providing this information to you to assist with purchases and discounted pricing.  You are welcome to purchase from another vendor.

If we buy from HP are Dell is our purchase connected with the school? No, your purchase will be a direct transaction between you and Dell or HP.  LCS only worked with them to provide you with discounted prices.

Are financing options available? Yes, contact the sales reps for Dell or HP for more details.

More questions? Contact Amanda Sutterfield.