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lunch schedule

The lunch schedule is as follows:

Grades 1st - 3rd  |  10:50

Pre K and Kindergarten  |  11:10

Grades 4th - 6th  |  11:25

Jr. High and High School  |  11:55

lunch policy

All students, PK through 10th grade, will be expected to stay on campus during their lunchtime. (Juniors and Seniors will have an open campus.) When a student wants to leave the campus for lunch, they must be accompanied by an adult. Permission must be given for the student to leave campus. Students will not be allowed to leave campus with other students. Freshmen/Sophomores will have a closed campus for the entire school year. Tardiness after lunch is a common problem. The tardy policy will be followed so students are urged to manage this privilege responsibly. Closed campus may be imposed on students who do not do so.

Hot lunches and drinks are available daily for all students in the cafeteria for a small charge. Payment for meals should be made through FACTS and lunch orders should be made by parents through Renweb in advance.

Lunch times are 30 minutes for elementary and 45 minutes for Jr High and High School students.

May 2022
Monday, May, 2
Tuesday, May, 3
Wednesday, May, 4
Thursday, May, 5
Friday, May, 6
Monday, May, 9
Tuesday, May, 10
Wednesday, May, 11
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Friday, May, 13
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Tuesday, May, 17
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