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Transformative Bible Curriculum

During the formative elementary years, quality Bible education provides a foundation for a lifetime of study and growth.

First Grade
  • Show how God has worked out His plan in the lives of His people
  • Explore how each biblical event points to Christ
  • Learn to memorize verses
  • Establish a daily, personal study time with the Word
Second Grade
  • Study character traits shown by the men and women of the Bible
  • Implement these positive characteristics in daily life
Third Grade
  • Examine the lives of Joshua and the judges
  • Study the life of Jesus, emphasizing His miracles
  • Explore how role models relate to the Gospel Era
Fourth Grade
  • Study the history of King Saul, King David, and King Solomon
  • Apply the lessons of I & II Samuel and I Kings to current times
Fifth Grade
  • Study the life of Christ, from birth to ascension
  • In-depth study of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
Sixth Grade
  • Survey the Bible’s overarching story: Creation, the Fall, and Redemption
  • Learn how to live in response to God’s grace