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Positions Available:

Lubbock Christian School is seeking a Kindergarten Teacher who is faithful, innovative, and an educational leader who can serve in our lower elementary school.

The Kindergarten Teacher is responsible for striving for academic excellence, providing a safe learning environment for students, faithfully leading, inspiring and modeling elementary students. Advancing biblically integrated curriculum, technology, and communicating effectively with faculty, staff, students, families, stakeholders, members of the community, and colleagues. The Kindergarten Teacher will report directly to the Principal and collaborate with her and the Elementary Team to create and implement strategic planning and instruction to his/her classroom.

Lubbock Christian School is seeking a Social Media Manager who is well informed about what makes LCS special, someone who communicates well with others and is knowledgeable in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

The Social Media Manager is responsible for maintaining social media strategies, communicating with faculty and staff about school events, contacting AMS about social posts throughout the week, discussing graphic design options with 3R Sports Graphics, monitoring school social media profiles and gathering information from admissions, assistants and extracurricular event leaders on possible graphics for each month. 

The Social Media Manager will report directly to the President and collaborate with his administrative assistant to create and implement all school details on social sites. 


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