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LCS Family Recruiting Bonus

For every student a current LCS family actively recruits to attend Lubbock Christian School the following will apply:

  • Your child will receive a $500 discount to be applied to the next calendar year’s tuition.
  • If your only remaining child is a senior, the credit will be applied to their last payment(s).
  • The $500 credit is for a full year of attendance by the recruited student. 
  • If a student is recruited for part of a school year, the $500 will be prorated.
  • Recruited students must complete the calendar year for the bonus to be applied.
  • If the recruited student attends the following year, you will receive a bonus $250 credit.
  • You must register by completing a student recruiting form before actively recruiting.
  • The recruited student must pre-register before open enrollment.
  • The family being recruited will certify the recruiting family to LCS.